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Promoting greater understanding of cultural differences, the cross cultural healthcare initiative seeks to facilitate improvement in communication

Welcome to The Cross Cultural Healthcare Initiative

With the potential that social networks afford, we have the ability to quickly obtain information from first hand sources all over the world. The CCI is an informative blog which has a growing collection of cultural clues from organizations around the world who specialize in providing culturally relevant healthcare.

Cultural Clues

Cultural clues: a series produced by the University of Washington has information on the following Cultures: Russian, Vietanamese, Somali, Latino and Korean. You will find them here. Currently we are discussing Russia. Why don't you join us by following the link below.

Helpful book by Sarah Lanier

We are pleased to offer the insights of Sarah Lanier from a widely used resource called Foreign to Familiar. "Sarah Lanier is not only a perceptive author, but she has also lived and worked cross-culturally worldwide. I have observed Sarah professionally, as a teacher and consultant, on six continents. She has character, insight and experience that qualify her to share intercultural wisdom that will be life-changing for her readers. -- Loren Cunningham" President, University of the Nations