Cultural differences are not a national burden, but a national treasure.
-Sen Robert Kennedy 1968

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  1. Feb 13, 2011
    3:13 pm


    I feel that the comment emphasizes the fact that first of all people are a treasure. Secondly, it speaks of the nature of that treasure being in contrast to what is often perceived. In other words, the value of people has not been fully realized. The CCHI is a celebration of this process. It is a discovery of our value and our values. This is I believe at the heart of meaningful communication. As we attempt to improve in this area, I think the most important thing we do is develop a real interest in the topic. If we can cultivate a strong sense of curiosity, than I am confident that we will discover this treasure. Since we know that we are seeking a valuable thing, then we should celebrate this fact, and enjoy with anticipation the process as the reward of our effort.

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